David is an exceptional trainer, very patient, extremely intelligent and has a natural gift with dogs. I’ve been nothing short of amazed with the transformation we’ve seen in our newest addition to the family, and a FAST one at that! We rescued him in November of 2018 at just 18 months old, after he’d spent his entire 18 months living in neglect, kept outside, was very malnourished, not house-trained, unfixed and never seen by a veterinarian. We were so grateful to rescue him, but quickly realized that-for all intents and purposes-he was essentially starting his life anew at 18 months old. We quickly found David, and in no time have seen such incredible results. David not only has a gift of dog training, but he trains YOU as well, as he’s training your fur-baby. I’ve already recommended his services to three others!

We brought home two Australian Shepherd littermate brothers last year to join our 12 year old Border Collie. She was having a rough time following the loss of her older companion dog. David was involved from the beginning when we first brought them home to ensure a smooth transition into the family. I knew having two pups would be a lot more work than one and it was. David worked with us on individual training and then dogs together. It was a lifesaver that he was willing to come to us!
His methods keep the dog in the forefront and point out how the dogs notice much more than we realize (me leaning forward or luring with my hand when it should be out of sight as examples). The dogs have always looked forward to his arrival and usually wanted to show off for him.
David is not a smooth talker, but is knowledgeable and effective as a dog trainer. Definitely recommend.
Carol B

When we purchased our German Shepard dog in Nov. of last year we knew that she would require professional training. What we didn’t realize is how much money we would waste before finding a trainer that actually knew what he was doing with her. Our puppy was trained from Nov. to January and learned absolutely NOTHING. She was no better off than the day she first went. I was extremely stressed out with a very unruly large puppy. From the very first appointment with David she has made so much progress. We can actually enjoy her instead of being bothered by her nuisance behavior. David is firm but i have never felt like my dog was being mishandled or mistreated like I did with other trainers. David listens to the issues we are having and works his sessions around the issues we are having verses wasting our time and our money! Highly recommend him!
Jessica Coltrane Robinson

David is the most professional intelligent and intuitive Dog Trainer in the business! I rescued Rey, a 2 year old Dachshund in February. To say she came with a lot of baggage is an understatement, but today after 3 months of training… I was able to take her and my other Doxie to Lowes very successfully! They both have been very reactive towards people and other dogs. I’ve worked with other trainers in the past and not one of them have been able to help train me the way David has. I have been able to transform the way I interact with my dogs. I can now start to feel comfortable with taking them places which I could never do before. My 15 year old daughter has even become a better more confident pack leader. Working with our dogs has helped us in so many ways. The work is worth it!
-Janet Johnson


I was thrilled when I got a Belgian Malinois puppy in May 2015. I have lived with several high-energy dogs in my life, but none as challenging as Hannah. Even though she was just a young puppy, she had an aggressive streak that was more intense than any dog I’ve ever met. I was worried that I would not be able to keep her. I made a call to the breeder to discuss my problems and they recommended David Mustain of Central Carolina Canine. After our first meeting, I immediately saw positive results. I walked away with strategies for dealing with problem behaviors and a new training program for her obedience. David is an amazing dog trainer! Hannah knows all of the basic obedience commands and is good at heeling. She is now extremely well-behaved in the presence of strangers and other dogs. I often take her for walks in Downtown Durham or around the parks in Hillsborough and people will comment on how well-behaved she is. David has developed an effective system of dog training. Hannah and I enjoy our training sessions with David and walk away with important new lessons every time. When one of my co-workers told me that she was having some aggression problems with her new rescue dog, I told her about Central Carolina Canine. After one session with David, she told me that he was awesome and that she was already seeing fewer problems with their dog. I would recommend David Mustain to anyone that needs help with training their dog!
–Dr. Daniel D. Moseley

I am an animal rescuer so when a Pit Bull with some dog related socialization issues came into my care I knew I needed help to help him. I have from 4-8 dogs in my care at any given time and my needs constantly change with every new dog I take in. David not only has the natural intuitive insight, he has the experience and training with certifications behind him to evaluate and help me correct any issue I have had. David has worked with my entire pack including 3 of my deaf dogs and they have all done very well and improved under his direction and training. In the past I have worked with several trainers, and enrolled in many private and group classes so its with experience that I say I have learned more and gained more skills with David than any other trainer I have worked with. He helps me see what I am doing wrong and why its not working. The biggest compliment I can give David is I have improved through his direction and training and I want to be the best I can be for my dogs!
Charme Blanchard, Greensboro NC


“David has been working with our family on training our beagle/terrier mix Lucie for several months now. He has done an exceptional job at honing in on our dog’s specific behavioral and training issues and the ways we have/have not been responding to her. David knows dogs like no one else I’ve ever met, including our dog’s own vet and other dog trainers I’ve known, and takes every training session seriously. At the same time he has a great sense of humor and makes each training session beneficial and fun. He excels at using both his knowledge of canine training and behavior and creative and intuitive problem-solving to guide us in training our dog, and the results have been beyond positive. Our Lucie is much more calm, responsive and well-behaved, thanks to David’s training and guidance.”

* Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity  –  Callie Young

“Dave has worked very hard to become a canine obedience instructor as well as for canine bed bug detection. I would entrust my pet to Dave’s care and training without hesitation.Dogs need descipline and it takes a special skill that Dave has to accomplish this. I highly recommend Dave as a canine obedience instructor.” – Hired David as a Dog trainer in 2011, and hired David more than once.
* Highly Recommended
– Jack Reynolds, Operations Director, Free The Kids.org

Dave at Central Carolina Canine transformed our hyperactive and jumpy beagle into a calm, obedient, and happy member of the family. In fact, the first time Dave met our dog, she immediately became calmer and more attentive. It’s clear that he has a deep understanding of dogs and their relationship with humans. The private in-home lessons were very convenient for us. The lessons were serious and focused, but also a lot of fun! The end result: a happier dog and happier owners. Thanks, Dave!

 – Ben in Greensboro, NC

Dave is the true dog whisperer! My 3 yr. old dog (very alpha and hyper) has calmed down tremendously and adapted very well to the new pup. The new pup is 5 mo. old and 4x the size of my 3 yr. old/ He is very strong willed but Dave made suer they both knew that their human was boss! Great attitude, very down to Earth, and tells it like it is! Love Dave and Central Carolina Canine!
– Crystal

Thank you, David, for your expertise in making Litzi Bella, my English bulldog, a more cultured, obedient companion.
Leslie H.

David was highly recommended to us because we were having serious problems with our two dogs Damion and Haley. Damion was aggressive to both people and dogs. With David’s training Damion has made major strides to becoming a stable dog. Haley was so high strung she not obedient or trainable constantly chewing, digging and destroying as she went. After our first session with David we noticed a positive change in her demeanor. Haley has since become a great stable dog that listens well and amazes us how happy and well behaved she has become. We hope David continues to help others because he has helped us beyond our expectations.
-Louise and David Kant


Hi Friends, I recently started working with David Mustain for help with my foster dogs as well as working with personal dogs to Raise the Bar. I have a host of issues in all of my dogs from a dog that is occasionally dog aggressive to anxiety issues to deaf dogs to just wanting to make my obedience levels better and David in the short time I have known him has already made a difference. I got a message from an excited foster mom he worked with that is delighted at the progress in her and her foster dog in just one session. I look forward to working more with David and will keep everyone posted on our progress. If you need a professional trainer to work with you and your dog that has very reasonable rates for this service…..look no further!!!!! I have worked with other trainers and am a fairly decent dog handler myself BUT I have a LOT to learn from David, and it is very obvious he is more than capable of taking my dogs to newer and better places….I’m excited!!!!!!
Charme Blanchard

Great Trainer! Very knowledgeable! Gets Results! My dog loves him and so do I.
Cheryl M

David, I would like to acknowledge your consummate skill and never-ending patience that you show while training my lovable but often stubborn Jack Russell Terrier, Maximilian. He looks forward to your weekly arrival and on sensing your presence nearly wags his tail off. (I look forward to your coming too but the tail wagging I leave to Max.) While you are here he performs well, your commands are clear and your expectations high. I realize he would do even better if I reinforced the training more consistently. Thank you for your loyalty to the program and for your obvious love of dogs including mine.
Diane M

David, I really got so much out of today’s lesson with you and my bulldog Litzi Bella. Dog obedience is truly an art which I am learning to appreciate and admire week by week. I sincerely appreciate the time after each training you take to review homework and make suggestions. Thank you so much!!! I am looking forward to next Monday’s session. Did you see Litzi run to you when you arrived? She loves you.
Leslie, Greensboro nc

Before working with David, our Great Dane was very anxious and timid.  She is now a calm, obedient member of our family.  David worked with our entire family, including our children, allowing us to ensure we were all on the same page. He taught us how to read a dog’s body language and cues so that behaviors were no longer unpredictable and we could stop negative situations before they even began.  After working with David for a couple months we had friends comment at how much calmer and relaxed our house felt.  We can now have people come into our house without it causing our Dane to panic.  Not only was David immensely skilled at dog training, he was also an enjoyable person to spend time with.  David gave us the dog we always wanted and we recommend him to everyone with a dog.
Rachel C.

“Having known Dave for more than 10 years, I can share that he is an extremely personable, intelligent, creative, and can-do individual. He has a special bond and authority with animals, and I would not hesitate to entrust him with the care or training of my pet, a responsibility I do not take lightly! Dave takes his canine study and training very seriously and will absolutely get the job done.”
– Alicia Miller, Senior Editor, Pace Communications