About David


Our head trainer David Mustain is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and has been training dogs for many years. David brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in dog behavior, modification, classical and operant conditioning.

He is also a certified police K-9 instructor, and holds various certification’s and awards for his accomplishments in the dog training world.

  What we consider to be essential to training your dog:

* To keep training up-beat and fun for you and your dog.
* To build a proper trusting relationship between you and your dog.
* To eliminate behavior problems before they ever begin.
* To nip aggression issues immediately before it becomes serious.
* To have absolute control regardless of the situation you are in.
* To have a dog that is a joy to spend time with.
* To work with your dogs natural instincts and drives.
* To be able to take your dog anywhere you go!